I grew up in Casablanca, the economic and cultural capital of Morocco. Casablanca is the largest port in North Africa and a cosmopolitan hub with a strong café culture. One afternoon, as a couple of teenagers with nothing to do, my friends and I went to a theater that reruns classic movies. We saw Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas.

I watched the movie in French, because back then I did not understand English, and I had never been to the United States. There is no “American Dream” in Africa, but as I sat in that darkened theater, I realized that working on Wall Street was what I wanted to do. My friends probably would have thought that I was just daydreaming. Although the dream wasn’t rational, it was real. I don’t know why I made the decision. I didn’t need to. I didn’t have to. I just did. Maybe the adrenaline of the adventure was appealing? Probably it was just a “screw it; I’ll do it” moment…..

It just seemed impossible. Yet I made the decision, and I didn’t look back. A few years later, I was running my own Wall Street firm. But this book isn’t about that intense journey or about me. It’s about you: the entrepreneur. If I can do it, you can do it. I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned.

You make a commitment to yourself to follow your dream and make it a reality. Write a check to yourself, put the amount that you want, place it in the book, and make it a page divider. This check you’ll see on every page you read to remind you of your goal and keep you focused! Lock in the dream. Don’t Look back. Make it happen.