In Wall Street, we talk about Whales and Pikers.  A piker is defined as a person who does anything in a contemptibly small or cheap way, a gambler who makes only small bets,
a person who withdraws from a commitment. Whales are high rollers, billionaires and very rich individuals….

Wall Street whales and other whales are said to have the Midas touch; everything they touch turns to gold. However, although many have perceived the Midas touch as a blessing, as the golden touch, it was not. Rather, it was a curse as King Midas turned his daughter into a golden statue. King Midas’ story is a warning to us, the lesson being to be careful what you wish for.

We can divide the whales into two categories: The Orcas, aka “killer whales”, and the “blue whales”. “Blue whales” are billionaires and other wealthy people who are doing the right thing; they make money by bringing something positive and adding value to our society.

The “Killer Whales” are a small portion. They are predators, who don’t create value but prey on others, who know how to manipulate the system, and who use capitalism to their advantage. They are organized, talented cheaters and as Alie calls them “creative financial evils.” They use and abuse. They are often in groups, invisible or transparent.

However, the majority of billionaires are blue whales. They love our country and consistently do the right thing.

The killer whales used lobbyists to cause some of the financial crisis. They were perceived as the enemy. The lobbyists react to and are controlled by money. What money can do, money can undo. The solution that we discuss in the Money & Consciousness series to combat the killer whales is this: hire the enemy. Hire the lobbyist and make it right.

Capital Frontline: Raise Conscious Money & Jump-Start Your Business within Healing Capitalism is the first book in Money & Consciousness; a five book series. This series, which includes co-authors Alie Oz,  Melissa Kalt, MD, and Walter Cohen, underlines practical aspects of the entrepreneurial process on the backdrop of an ever evolving consciousness regarding money, capitalism and abundance.

Capital Frontline is designed to guide and prepare both new entrepreneurs and those wishing to jump to a bigger platform in the process of raising funds given today’s financial realities. Though raising capital shares a common process for all business endeavors, this book highlights the fundamental differences between productive and constructive Capitalism, with its philosophy and principles, vs. its plague, the poison, and the resultant illness

This book will teach you to differentiate between “Money” and “Wealth”. Capital Frontline is a road map for the healthy process of raising funds for your financial success. New ideas and personal experiences will be shared both to inspire your creativity and to customize the capital raising process to fit your own personality and your unique business model.