Capital Frontline: Raise Conscious Money & Jump-Start Your Business within Healing Capitalism is the first book in Money & Consciousness; a five book series. This series, which includes co-authors Alie Oz,  Melissa Kalt, MD, and Walter Cohen, underlines practical aspects of the entrepreneurial process on the backdrop of an ever evolving consciousness regarding money, capitalism and abundance. Capital Frontline is designed to guide and prepare both new entrepreneurs and those wishing to jump to a bigger platform in the process of raising funds given today’s financial realities. Though raising capital shares a common process for all business endeavors, this book highlights the fundamental differences between productive and constructive Capitalism, with its philosophy and principles, vs. its plague, the poison, and the resultant illness. This book will teach you to differentiate between “Money” and “Wealth”. Capital Frontline is a road map for the healthy process of raising funds for your financial success. New ideas and personal experiences will be shared both to inspire your creativity and to customize the capital raising process to fit your own personality and your unique business model.


Book one, Capital Frontline: Raise Conscious Money & Jump-Start Your Business within Healing Capitalism, is designed to give you the foundation required to jump-start a successful business. It will also give you a road map, show you the mechanics, and guide you through the rules and methods of raising money for your business. This book will prepare you for a healthy journey of raising capital. It will add “food for thought” to help you customize your position when dealing with investors. Alaoui’s personal experiences add a unique perspective.


Money or Wealth? –The second book in the Money & Consciousness series, co-authored with Alie Oz, analyzes the evolution of capitalism, from the purpose of its creation to what it has become today.  Money or Wealth? will be your guidebook to identify the good from the ill of capitalism within the law, with its successors and champions, predators and prey, assassins and survivors, and its hopes and deceptions. It will differentiate the “Blue Whales” from the “Orcas” to be followed and celebrated, or to be abandoned and condemned. It will empower you with the information to discern and choose sides. It will inspire you with the knowledge of knowing that your efforts and your success are for the greater good of the world, that you are part of the solution, and that you are part of the healing process of capitalism.


The Artist Entrepreneurs:  The Art of Conscious Business with Greater Success for the Greater Good– The third book in the Money & Consciousness series, co-authored with Alie Oz, is about the new awakening and the new revolution of capitalism.  By redefining and broadening the meaning of the arts and artists and identifying the business and cultural transformation of the world by the digital revolution as the new art movement, this book will share a new vision for young entrepreneurs to transform thinking and creativity to greater levels.  Become part of the movement of the future of capitalism and the future of universal business with a simple, but conscious idea for the greater good that is achievable in your own backyard.


The Conscious Entrepreneur:  Follow your Dreams and Create the Life You Deserve – The 4th book in the Money and Consciousness series, co-authored with Melissa Kalt, MD, is written for those at a crossroads in life; those desiring to create a new career path to better support work-life balance; those with life circumstances that require returning to the work force or forging a new career; and those who feel their dreams beckoning them to create a life that is more.  Alaoui and Kalt offer a unique process of creating a business from the dream phase to getting paid, drawing on both practical and creative consciousness perspectives respectively.


The Pitch Master is the 5th book in the Money and Consciousness series, co-authored with Walter Cohen.

I have a large box full of handwritten or photocopied notebooks, notes that I have been gathering over the past 14 years. These notes include some of the best sales and closing strategies ever created, hatched and perfected in Wall Street. When you google some of it nothing shows up at all. Its only shared and transmitted inside an almost “secret society”.

I asked a close friend and a colleague of mine, Walter Cohen, who is expert in the field, to co-author the Pitch Master book and help me put it together. We will share some of these underground Wall Street tactics, strategies and scripts that have been used to close billions of dollars’ worth of deals. These strategies that are often kept secret and only shared with selected few will not replace the fundamentals but will give you a clear and definitive edge.


Let the Money & Consciousness visionary book series inspire you with the vision of new business and the understanding of the anatomy of capitalism as your guide, your Northern Star, from the dreaming phase of your business plan through the realized dream. Prepare to be part of the revolution of consciousness with your business success.

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