The Secrets to Raising Capital and Taking Off.

What if the secret to raising capital is realizing that it’s not all about the money? Learn how to strengthen your business—and yourself—by focusing on the fundamentals.

Capital Frontline is designed to guide and prepare new and lifelong entrepreneurs for the process of raising capital in today's financial realities. It will underline Do's and Don'ts of the process, as well as the possibilities of the future.

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What You'll Learn

Starting a business and raising capital can be like navigating a war zone, and entrepreneurs need every weapon in their arsenal to win.

Success is about mindset and the inner game more than the techniques. Capital Frontline is designed to give you the foundation required to jump-start and build a sustainable business.
Capital Frontline, will also give you a roadmap, show you the mechanics, and guide you through the rules and methods of raising money for your business.
Right now, going global is easier than ever before. We live in an interconnected global village. Capital Frontline will show you how to expand and capture your share of the Global Market.

About The Author

Sam Alaoui is a self-made entrepreneur, a registered investment advisor who grew up in Casablanca. Watching Wall Street as a teenager inspired him to become a finance professional on Wall Street, and he’s never looked back. Alaoui lived in France before moving to New York, where he started his own investment firm and international consulting company.

Sam Alaoui

Alaoui has an MBA in finance and management and a master of international business. He currently serves as a wealth manager, is the co-founder and managing partner of Capital Trust & Associates LLC, and is the CEO of Capital Frontline LLC. Alaoui is co-founding a movement with the new way of thinking in Wall Street "the process of Healing Capitalism", which will be presented within the upcoming books as part of "Money & Consciousness" series, which he is the co-author of.

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